Upcoming Wrestling Season


Lili LeDuc, Staff Writer

Farmington wrestling team has their first meet at Lakeville North on Friday at 5:30 for JV and 7:00 for Varsity. Then on Saturday they have a meet at 10:00 a.m. in Edina. The team is still building, they have lost a lot of seniors from last year, but a lot of freshmen have joined. The wrestling team should be good for the lower weights because of how many smaller kids they have. “It’s definitely good to see at least 40 kids in the wrestling room”, said Luke Kriesel. The team is definitely going to have some challenges but hopefully they will be able to show improvement. Kriesel said that “Wrestling is definitely a hard sport it’s a lot of conditioning but loves how close everyone is with each other”. Everyone puts in their hard work at practice so once it gets to the matches it’s all up to them and no one else. The hard work you put in at practice is the work you get out of this sport. This sport is definitely an independent sport you still rely on other teammates but if you screw up it’s all on you. The technique in wrestling is so important because if you don’t have that technique you will struggle.The team has team bonds every once in awhile but it’s hard when some of the guys are cutting weight. Coach Olson said, “I’m glad to see some of the newer wrestlers last year still stick with it”. Most of the meets are Fridays or Saturdays so if you have nothing going on come and support the wrestling team. We shall see how the rest of the season goes, it could help us improve or it could go really good. They would enjoy seeing some students in the stands.