Cory Krotzer

Have you ever thought about joining a sport that can basically help you with everything you do? Then wrestling is for you. Here at FHS our wrestling program is intense, but supports you in every way and makes sure that your mindset is on track and growing with wrestling. I guarantee you will become a better athlete. This year was my first year wrestling and I have already seen a change in not only myself and my mindset but also my skills in what I do for getting ready for football and doing jaqs.

I interviewed wrestling Coach Heeren and I asked him would you say wrestling makes you a better athlete he responded, “absolutely”. I also asked him how long has he coached and he said, “8 years” and lastly I asked him if wrestling helps you on and off of the matt he responded, “yes you learn to deal with loosing and how to deal with taking victory’s”.  These are just some ways wrestling makes you better.

Wrestling is a great experience and I recommend this for anyone who likes contact and for people who want to become tougher and more aggressive. During the wrestling season you will cut weight but at the end of the season and off season you’ll be better than ever and gain a lot of weight from plowing down food and not working your body everyday. Overall wrestling has taught me not to give up with anything and to be responsible for everything I do.