Farmington Wrestling


Lili LeDuc, Staff Writer

Have you been on a team that is always improving? The Farmington wrestling team is just that. Last weekend the varsity team wrestled at the Christmas Tournament in Rochester. The Christmas tournament is just as hard as state. At this tournament you could see improvement in each wrestler. Trayton’s last match was interesting to see because his goal was to not get pinned and instead he lost 6-2, but ended up taking second place. There were a lot of Farmington wrestlers that came close to placing but didn’t make it. When someone was wrestling, someone from the team was there to watch and support them. “I have never been on a team that has been so close” says Luke Kriesel. When someone who lost their match a teammate would go over to them and would tell them what they could have done. After someone who lost a match or wasn’t wrestling, Coach Olson always asked “what did you learn?”, you would be surprised what the boys learn from there mistakes. Even though wrestling can be an individual sport the team is always there for you. To take away from this sport or any sport in general  even though it is a tough sport you can always improve.