Student Spotlight: Mason Mortimer


Yasmine Tek

Mason Mortimer is a sophomore at Farmington High School apart of the boys volleyball team. His talent was first recognized during his middle school gym class, when his teacher encouraged him to try out for a team. Now, he plays as a setter in the back row and also hits right side when he’s in the front row. After only two years of playing, Mason got the amazing opportunity to practice at the USA volleyball training during this summer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The training camp consists of 10 full days, 5 days of just training and another 5 days for competition were he will be playing teams of all different ages from the states and other countries. He will be trained by some of the best boys volleyball coaches from Wake Forest, Stanford, Minnesota, BYU, and many more.

 For his first year playing club volleyball he played with NCR, he was then later asked to play for Minnesota Select and has played with them for his second year of club during this past winter. Boys volleyball has recently risen in the past couple of years as a high school sport, although some boys are hesitant to play. I asked Mason what his advice would be to other boys wanting to play but are hesitant, his response was “My advice for guys wanting to join volleyball is that it is a really different sport that increases your vertical and we have so much fun!”

 As someone as talented as he is, Mason stays humble and enjoys every second of the game. His favorite part about playing volleyball is the teammates he has and getting to play other high level teams and when they have close games and make good plays . I asked how he stays motivated even when the team has a bad day, he said “What motivates me to do my best is wanting to go to the state tournament next year, and playing for my teammates, just doing my best for them!”

 I am sure Mason has a bright future playing volleyball someday, unfortunately colleges cannot talk to him until he is at least a junior but for now he is living in the present, enjoying his time playing in school and club volleyball.