Update: Robotics


Nathan Kronbeck

Since the last story Rogue Robotics has done a lot more, such as visiting Washington DC and meeting first lady Melania Trump, a second project helping young child gain mobility and work within their very own group. The robotics team has accomplished tons this year and has impressed many other news outlets. Many have been very impressed what a small town team can do. It wasn’t the number that did the job, it was their attitude. Working and running like a family is what makes them so great, without this amazing aspect they may have been just another team. They stand out because they want to help and not just do what all the other teams do. They are in contact with each other outside of the organization, and it’s really great to see.


Last time I wrote a story on the Rogue Robotics team I had no idea what it was going to be like but even just being there and seeing everyone working together and laughing it was super refreshing. This team has affected so many people in a positive way, its given people hope, its shared awareness, and overall it’s been super positive. The New York Times, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, and Duluth News Tribune, just to name a few have all featured Rogue Robotics in the last few months, sharing the stories to hundreds of thousands of people. Personally I can’t wait to see what they do next, and I know many others can’t either. This Robotics team will leave a positive impact for years to come.