Wind Ensemble Band


Wind Ensemble


Wind Ensemble is a band in the Farmington High School directed under Mrs. Holmes. Many kids in the school try out every year to make a Wind Ensemble band. About 60 kids are in the band and the variety of instruments vary from saxophones, trumpets, tubas, clarinets, flutes, oboe and many more. Every year the kids work hard to get better and better at their instruments to get to Wind Ensemble. The other bands in the high school are called, Varsity Bands (Orange and Black), Concert Band, and Symphonic Band. Everyone in band are working endlessly to perfect every song they are given. The younger bands do about 5 to 6  concerts a year and about 10-15 songs a year. Symphonic Band does about 7 concerts with around 15-20 songs. and Wind Ensemble averages around 15 concerts with 25-30 songs a year. To say they are talented is a understatement. Everyone in band has put in many hours at school and at home, every kid in band is relentless when it comes to making their part in the song perfect. If you have ever gone to one of their concerts you know that when they perform their concerts the end result is amazing. The goal of band is when you get to your senior year you will want to continue to play your instrument in the future. Some advice from a senior is, enjoy every moment, every song, every concert because in a blink of an eye its all over. They also said, practice makes permanent, so make sure you are practicing correctly.