Trap Shooting

Kayla Latterell, Writer

Trap shooting is one of the many spring sports available at Farmington High School during the Spring. I got the change to interview Lizzy Nicolai, a senior on the Trap Shooting team. The first question i asked her was what exactly is trap shooting? Lizzys response was “Trap shooting is a shooting sport that you use either a 12 gage or a 20 gage and there is five stations. You have to shoot five targets that make up 25 shots which is a round.” The next question I asked her was “what made you want to join the team?” Lizzy told me she loved shooting and she always would shoot with her dad when she was younger. And that is what made her join trap shooting. She said she always has fun while shooting with her dad. Lizzy thinks of trap shooting as a “mind game” and states “there is a lot of work that goes into it.” I was wondering what her favorite part about being on the team was and Lizzys response was “That’s a tough question In my eyes because I love shooting with everyone and talking with everyone but I would have to say my favorite part is not only helping and teaching new shooters get there stance down, their gun mount good, and there gun hold and eye hold where it needs to be but also watching them progressively get better with each round they shoot and watching there faces light up when the even hit one or more. That’s just the best. It brings joy to my heart knowing I have helped them and they want to go further in this sport.” After talking with Lizzy, she told me the team doesn’t struggle as a whole but students individually struggle. For Lizzy, it’s improving on the little things. After talking with Lizzy, I realized trap shooting is something I would have liked to do.