Boys Volleyball: Dynamic Duo

Yasmine Tek, Author

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Nick Shirley, senior, and Ryan Shirley, freshman, are the dynamic duo apart of Farmington’s Boys Volleyball Team. I️ asked Nick what he was looking forward to this season and his response was “I’m looking forward to playing my last year with more new faces. It’ll be fun to see next year even more guys trying out.” I️ also asked the two what the environment was like on and off the court, they explained that they are tougher on one another during game time and don’t mess around much, due to all the nerves and are a lot more lenient at their home. It’s no surprise that these two have a passion for the sport following the steps of their older sister, Kaitlyn Shirley, graduate of 2017 who played her entire high school career. The boys both had prior knowledge of volleyball and played a lot for fun before joining the team. For game days, their routine is to amp themselves up, listening to music and try to get their teammates excited as well. I️ asked what obstacles they face throughout the season and their responses were “Just building the team up again. Already the squad is pretty solid and getting the hang of positions and the basics.” And “Making room for work, school and volleyball.” I think many athletes can agree with that one because it is hard to juggle 3 things at once and many of them don’t get enough credit in their success in that. The two are so far enjoying their season and love to see improvement in their teammates and in one another. They have 10 total games scheduled this season, 5 home and 5 away games. Good luck Boys Volleyball! 

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