Student Spotlight: Katelyn Mohr


Abbie Griffin, Staff Writer

Katelyn Mohr is a Junior here at Farmington High School. She is involved in Link, NHS, and she plays on the basketball team.  One of her biggest achievements though, is that she is one of the three captains on the softball team. Katelyn has been playing softball since she can remember, but started playing high school ball when she was in 8th grade. During her eighth grade year, Mohr was called up on the section roster and then went on to make the varsity team as a ninth grader.  As a student athlete, many know the struggle of trying to maintain a good balance between schoolwork and sports, and for some this balance can get quite hard. Katelyn has set a great example as a captain with how hard she works on maintaining this balance and excelling both in and outside of school. Her hard work in school has shown through her acceptance into the National Honor Society at the end of her sophomore year. As this school  year ends, this NHS title shows that Katelyn has been able to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and has volunteered out in the community 15+ hours each trimester. While talking on the subject of softball, Katelyn had said “One of my biggest achievements throughout high school so far would probably be playing on a state champion high school softball team my freshman year.” In 2017, the Tigers had a phenomenal season, and ended it by defeating Anoka in the State championship game, in which Katelyn was able to be apart of.  Mohr went on to say that her biggest goal this year for the team would be “redemption in section finals and making it to state again this year.” As our time at FHS will eventually come to an end next year, Katelyn shared with me some of her favorite memories on the team. The long bus rides, senior kidnapping, staying overnight in Mankato during state, and going on to win state will stick with Katelyn forever.