The Shadow Box – 2019 Spring Play


Aimee Jimenez, Staff Writer

And… ACTION! This year’s spring play is Michael Cristofer’s “The Shadow Box.” Cast member Katie Struck tells more, “it follows the lives of three different terminal cancer patients, and how their families and close friends are dealing with their illnesses.” Struck plays the character of Agnes. Agnes works as her mother’s caretaker as her mother fights breast cancer and dementia.

Being able to be a part of this show has taught Struck a lot. Playing a woman in her 40’s has taught her how to embody someone much older than herself, improving her character building skills. Also pushing her acting skills even more: the emotional heaviness of the show. “This show handles some pretty deep and heavy situations, so sometimes even just running my lines can make me shed a tear or two,” Struck explains. She further adds that the experience of being more emotionally invested has helped her better her performance.

Overall, the message that this show gives is that it’s going to be okay. Struck adds, “life isn’t meant to be easy, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. When we are faced with a difficult moment in our lives, it gives us a chance to move forward and grow as the kind of person we strive to be.”

Performances for the show are on Aprill 11th, 12th, and 13th at 7:00pm at Boeckman Middle School. Adult tickets are $10, and student and senior citizen tickets are $5.

Katie would like to add, “anyone who decides to come to the show should bring tissues. It’ll be a bit of a cry fest.”

Break a leg! And… CUT!