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Band from the directors eye

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I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Farmington band director Mr. Mariska about his outlook on Band today. What do you enjoy about directing the band? What I love about doing band is my passion for music, I love to sing, I love to play instruments, and I feel passion about providing students with the opportunity to be at home here  and participate in band everyday. And I think that is what’s unique about music classes is that you truly get to interact with the class and students everyday rather than a class setting where you just sit and listen” Tell me about what you’ve learned teaching the band? I have learned that being a music teacher is something where you learn to never stop. We have a very unique opportunity to present different music every year and there’s always new music coming out which means I could be lazy and teach the same stuff just to get it done but I would rather be passionate as a teacher to share the passion of learning and experiencing new music for the first time together. That’s why being a music teacher is special because a math teacher teaches the same thing every day every tri every year where a music teacher your providing new information every single day” On a scale of one to ten how would you rate Band this year and why? This year has been not only one of my best years as a teacher but for the band program as a whole eve been blessed to add Mr. Clark as a director, and he has added a lot to what we are able to do, on a scale of one to ten I would call it a nine because it’s never going to be perfect and there will always be struggles but we are going in the right direction and growing everyday as a group together. We know we are producing a quality product and students are enjoying the process as welWhat do you look to change for next year? “I think one of the most exciting changes for next year is that we are offering audio production and garage band class and provide opportunities that we’ve never offered before and that’s important because even though we have a huge music program there are still hundreds of students that don’t enjoy band or choir that don’t get that opportunity to be apart of music because they aren’t interested in band or choir.” What do you appreciate most about the culture around band in Farmington? “As teachers we get along very well and students willingly and actively take advantage of the musical events and there are record breaking numbers in the culture of Farmington music. We want to continue to maintain that positive direction because it only takes one bad year and one bad experience to throw that off the rails and we want to keep that going. 


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Band from the directors eye