Nora Simondet from FHS tech crew


Jayde Charno, writer

I interviewed Nora Simondet, from the tech and audio crew of the musical Into the Woods. I asked her a series of questions about what she has to do, I asked about what her favorite was, if she enjoys it and how long she has been in the tech crew. I was informed about what she does in tech crew and this is what she has to say, “At the beginning I built the platform with the other tech crew students. But then when we finished the set and I became one of the sound board operators.” I asked her if tech crew control everything, she said “I do not control everything, we have students that are in different groups or in partners. Like the group backstage takes care of moving stuff and taking care of props, makeup, and clothes. We have two people on lights, two on spot lights and Carson Romano and I are on microphones and sound effects.” Then I proceeded to ask her about how many year she has been on the tech crew. Nora responded with this, “This has been my second year being on tech crew, so this has been my third show.” I wanted to know about how the first couple shows went the ones on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November. “They went pretty well, we always start a little rough. We may not be on stage, but we still get nervous that we might mess up, but each show and practice gets better and better.” That what Nora thinks about the first couple shows and how they went. I asked if she enjoyed being part of tech crew, and she said “I love tech crew! We get really stressed sometimes, but we all care for each other and go through our challenges together as a group.” After asking that I asked her what her favorite part of tech crew was she had this to say “I love a lot about tech crew, but my absolute favorite is the people I’ve met in tech crew. They always support me and always cheer me up when I’m down and point out the accomplishments I have made when I feel I have been at my worst.” I would like to thank Nora for the interview and letting me know what tech crew is all about and how it works.