Spanish Class at FHS


Mrs. Bliss helping out a student with a problem.

Emily Bunzey, Author

The other day, Prowler Press decided to get an in depth understanding of Spanish, and what it means to Mrs. Bliss, Spanish 1 & 3 teacher. Spanish is a very popular class that students take to learn more, and get their two world language credits. I personally took Spanish 1, 2, and 3, so I decided this interview would be fitting. The first question included, what is something you enjoy most about teaching Spanish? “I like watching the progress my students make from making simple sentences, to more complex sentences.” Bliss continued with, “I get to see their progress on a daily basis, and interact with them. Prowler Press proceeded to ask, how has Spanish class changed over the years? Bliss responded, “Introducing iPads was a game changer. I was able to be on bed rest with my twins, and still interact with students via FaceTime. It’s way more personalized learning. Students can essentially teach themselves with the material I’ve given them, without me being there. Finally, I asked what her Spanish classes are learning about at this very moment. “Spanish 1 is learning how to conjugate “ar” verbs, and Spanish 3 is learning about the subjunctive.” Mrs. Bliss hopes to teach Spanish for a very long time, she enjoys the language very much, and loves her students.