Choir President


Anna Voegel, author


Prowler press got the chance to sit down and interview the choir President Hunter Conrad.  Some background about Hunter is he has been in choir for about thirteen years, and he is involved in concert choir, Vox, and New Dimension. We got the chance to ask about how do you become the choir President?  He stated “First you will have to do a speech in front of the whole concert choir class on why you think you’d be a good fit for the position and then the whole class votes on who they want to represent the choir”. Another question asked was what are the requirements of becoming the president? To become the president the requirements are your speech for the class, a positive attitude, outgoing personality, and overall being a good leader. Then we asked what are the jobs of the president. The jobs of the president include giving speeches before the choir concerts, to help the teachers with anything they may need help with, to help the students with anything they would need, and to organize fun events with the social chairs. The last question we got to ask was what is your favorite part about being president? He stated his favorite parts would have to be helping the teachers when they need it, and also helping the kids who ask for help, and to be a good role model for them.