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Spring Trimester Band

Isaiah Janz, Writer

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This week at the Farmington High School, I caught up with band member Micheal Schuette, and asked him about this band year’s spring Trimester! Micheal claims to have been in band since he was in fifth grade, and when asked why he joined at such an early age, he had this to say- “My mom made me join band at first, but over the years I grew to like band a lot, and have stayed in band all these years not because my mom forces me to join anymore, but because I have wanted to stay in band”. Micheal says that all these years he has stayed in the same area of band- percussion. “I have played percussion ever since I joined band back in fifth grade, I’ve never really wanted to move to different areas of band” Micheal says, also telling me “Once I moved to Farmington, I still wanted to be in percussion, but its a requirement that you know how to play the piano, but I don’t know how to play the piano” I asked him how he could still be in the percussion area then, and he said “Me and my mom talked to the band director and because I was very experienced in percussion already and I had been dong it for many years, they let me join the percussion area here anyway as an exception” Micheal explains to me. I was then curios about the instruments themselves, do they get to keep them over the summer? Micheal had this to say to that- “The small instruments like the trumpets and flutes can be kept by their owners over the summer if they want to, but big instruments like the ones used in percussion cannot be kept just because of their massive sizes”. I also asked him when the last band concert had been, and if band concerts were over for this year, and he said they are, the last one was last Monday he said. Finally I asked him if he felt that kids that have never been in band before should give it a try, and he said “Yes, I think every kid who hasn’t tried out band should try it out! Many people just don’t know how fun band is until they try it out, and many haven’t tried it out. Everyone in the Farmington High School should out band, it’s truly the best!”. This has been Isaiah Janz reporting for the prowler press.

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Isaiah Janz, Writter

My name is Isaiah Janz, I'm a 17 year old Junior at the Farmington High School. My favorite school subject is History, as a career after High School, I...

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Spring Trimester Band