Boys Volleyball

Jordin Novak

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If you haven’t heard yet there’s a new sport at Farmington High school, Boys Volleyball. This is the first year of Boys Volleyball at FHS, and it’s many of the boys first time playing as well. A few of the boys played sand volleyball during the summer at Carbones in Farmington, and decided to ask the schools athletic director if they could get a group started. The boys practice about two times a week to get ready for their games. They recently had two tough loses against Shakopee and Osseo, but came out with a win against Eastview and Sibley. I asked some of the boys from the team how their first game went and they said, “The first game went okay, we were pretty jittery at first but got it together, we are still improving since this was our first time together as a team.” ”The first game was difficult, especially it being our first time playing together as a team, we are working to improve our mistakes though.” If you haven’t yet try and make it out to a few of there games, They have home games in the FHS gym on April 23rd and on May 14th and 21st, away games at opposing schools on April 30th and May 2nd, 7th, 9th, 16th, and 23rd. All these games begin at 6:30pm. Also they have some pretty amazing pregame chants and celebrations for when they get a point, its a must see.  And you can’t forget they have the best warm up pants at the school. There’s many more, be sure to go a support our new FHS Boys Volleyball team and their crazy funny Fortnite celebrations.

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