Track and Field 2017


Maurice Houston, Author

Farmington has over 100 athletes participating in tack this year. They have competed in a total of 3 indoor meets. So far, Farmington has been doing really well. Although the weather has been really bipolar, they have been willing to push and work hard in all kinds of conditions. “The objective for 2017 Farmington Track and Field is to be able to run faster, jump higher, and get stronger,” says 2nd year varsity sprinter, Percy Buckner. “Track and Field is a sport that helps you for your other sports” Says Varsity Head coach Adam Lippold. Farmington has an amazing Group of coaches who are very experienced in their event. Come out and support our tigers as they run their way into the history books. If you are interested in joining Track please contact Coach Lippold. To find out more information. His email is [email protected] .