FCCLA Valentines Grams


Bella Garthune, Staff Writer

   Did you get a Valentines Gram from a friend, family member, or even secret admirer last year? Or, did you purchase a Valentines Gram for a certain special someone? If not, don’t fear because the annual FCCLA valentines grams are back again! The Valentines Grams are personalized delivery gifts that range from cards to chocolates, cupcakes, and even flowers! Also, all deliveries will come with a special card attached so FCCLA workers know the delivery details.The average amount a person spends on valentines day in the US is $130.21, while the ones here provided at FHS are much cheaper and all of the money will go towards the Farmington food shelf. They are a fun way to celebrate and give to those you love, as well as help out the community since FCCLA donates all the money to charity!

  I interviewed Mrs. Peterson to figure out more about the topic and preparations for this event. “We determine our purchase needs, divide up the work, create cards, market and communicate with students, parents, and staff. Then train new members of FCCLA about the process and divide up the deliveries,”.  I also interviewed both Treasurer Sophia Brunstad and Co president Grace Brunstad about the experience of delivering the Grams, “My favorite memory would be the guys getting delivered the grams and his friends teasing him about it in a fun way,” Sophia recalled. “Most of the time people are shocked and like “What, me?” getting really embarrassed or excited”. I also asked Mrs. Peterson about any problems and conflicts that arise during the busy day, “Sometimes we will totally pronounce a name wrong or get all excited and the person isn’t even in the room. We hear so many surprised recipients who almost scream(or want to hide) when the gifts arrived!” Although it isn’t a huge deal and often just a funny mishap.

FCCLA will deliver the holiday Grams on February 14th throughout the school day and sales will occur during all lunches starting Thursday, February 7th. Parents can also buy from the second-floor office during the day or from Mrs. Petersen before and after school in room 1203. Finally I asked Mrs. Peterson her favorite thing about the event since she has been running FCCLA for 10 years. “My favorite part of valentine grams is the happiness it brings to so many! It is fun to surprise and bring joy to other people. It is also a great service opportunity for our chapter members. Also deliveries happen for many different reasons like appreciation or just random acts of kindness.”