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Sydney Hubbard, Writer

The One Act Play that is being performed this year is at Boeckeman Middle School and is called Click Here To Read More. I got the chance to sit down with one of the co-directors and co-writer of the play Joshua Palmer. This is his fourth time directing a play and the second year directing a play for Farmington High School. The One Act Play this year is about is about certain individuals and their journey to cope with relationships and the purpose in life based on those relationships. The characters will encounter different situations either within themselves or with each other. Josh wanted the play to be able to connect with individuals, “The big thing we wanted to teach about when we picked the show was we wanted to pick a show for its educational value and its entertainment value and that it challenges an overall stereotype.” Josh and his co-director Ben wrote half the play in the summer on 2017 and they wanted to challenge the cast. “We wanted to bring it to a cast and see if they could complete it and deal with subjects of existentialism, which is a philosophy about morality and the individual humanities of a person and the worth of their existence in life. We wanted to see what high school students had to say about that.” The cast was able to take the play they were given and make it their own, with the help of their directors. Josh believes the One Act Play is better this year and will do well in the competitions because they have a smaller cast, seven actors, and they had more time for rehearsals. His goal for the competition are “ the hope for us is not to win, but we want to show what we got, make people think, be entertained by it, and have fun during it. Of course it would be fun to get an award, but I do think they’ll do really well.” Overall, Josh has loved being apart of the One Act Play, interacting with the cast, and seeing their abilities grow. Josh is hoping that he and his best friend and co-director Ben are able to direct the One Act Play next year.

Their performance this year is on January 24 at 6pm and at 7:30pm.