A Students View


Madeline Hins

Many people would say Tiger News is entertaining, funny, and friendly. Others might say it’s boring, awkward, or have no opinion at all. I sent out a survey around school to get the insights of our students about Tiger News.

About 89% of students said they enjoy Tiger News. It entertains, it’s funny, friendly, something to do during RAMP, it’s something that can show the difference of other students’ personalities, and gives more information out to students about what happens in our school. Another response said, “I think it’s cool that people can experience the video production field if they want to do it when they are older.” It’s a win win situation for both sides. On behalf of the other responses 11% said they do not enjoy Tiger News. Their reasoning: it’s boring, awkward, cringy, and annoying. Following my question, “Does Tiger News do a good job at including all school clubs, activities, and sports?” 52% no and 48% said yes. A common opinion I found from the students was that there was very little variety and balance with the different segments. “They never talk about swimming” or “They always talk about the same things”. The following question I asked was “If you were the director of Tiger News what would you do/change/add to the program?” And my most common responses were to add different activities, make the program shorter, and add more funny content. Many students would like to see more activities being included while others really enjoyed segments that continuously aired. The 3 most popular segments are Conrad’s Car, Bomber’s Bundle, and sports. Overall majority of the students think Tiger News does a good job at creating a variety of entertaining content and enjoy the program.