Welcome Mr. Klein!


Mr. Klein in his classroom

Andrea Candelario, Staff Writer

Meet new FHS teacher, Mr. Klein. If you didn’t know already, Mr. Klein is one of the math teachers here and we are thrilled to have him. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to let FHS get to know who Mr. Klein is.

Mr. Klein was born and raised in Hastings, MN. He attended The UMN-Twin Cities. As like any other students lives, high school and college had their best and worst moments. I asked him how did he do in high school and he stated, “High school was pretty easy. I did all my homework after school so I had more free time in the evening and on weekends.” As a current student I can personally relate by doing my assignments right when I get home so I am able to have free time afterwards. For college, the same question was asked and he said, “College was a shock for me. I failed my very first college test big time and I had to quickly figure out study habits.” He continued on comparing the two educational periods by saying, “College was a lot harder for me than high school because of the independence and time management. I wish my high school did more to teach me those life skills.” The new studying habits paid off because he ended the class with an A-!

As many students wonder why someone would want to teach math. Klein stated, “I always enjoyed math and did not want to teach.” Things seemed to take a change. He started volunteering in Minneapolis schools and started to really enjoy helping kids learn. How he got involved in education and teaching, he joined clubs and started working at jobs that had correlation to it. He taught college students to tutoring Gopher athletes. “It took me a while to realize that finding a career should be about what you love to do, not about how much money you will make”, said Klein. Many people should hear Mr. Klein’s realization because it will matter in the real world to them.

Not only is Klein a math teacher at FHS, but he also is one of the supervisors in the Diversity Club! As any old/current member would ask any new comers, I asked why he joined the club. As been involved in the Minneapolis School District which does have a significant amount of different races and cultures in the city, he has many experiences and learned so much about the different cultures and that’s exactly what the Diversity Club is all about. Mr. Klein states, “I thought the Diversity Club would allow me to do the same here in Farmington and I enjoy getting to know more about students even if I don’t have them in my class”.

Overall Mr. Klein finds that student at FHS is very unique and loves how they have the ability to advocate for themselves and learn from their mistakes. “I like how that is emphasized here with both staff and students” said Klein about FHS! We hope he continues to stay at FHS for as many years as possible. Welcome Mr. Klein!