FCCLA goes to Feed My Starving Children


Bella Garthune, Staff writer

  Have you ever been to Feed My Starving Children? If you are not familiar with Feed My Starving Children, it is an organization that takes volunteers to prepare and ship food to kids all around the world that need food and/or starving. World hunger is a huge issue, every 3.6 seconds a child dies from starvation. Luckily, there are people who take action like FMSC and FCCLA who took on the job to help tackle world hunger two weeks ago.

FCCLA from Farmington High School went to FMSC (Feed My Starving Children) to help make meals for children in need. The group all worked at one table adding ingredients together while working as a team to help others. I had an interview with Sophia Brunstad, who is the Treasurer of the club, to ask her about the experience. “We all laughed and joked about everything. My favorite moment at FMSC was everyone talking about which side of the table had dropped more ingredients, kind of like a fun competition.”  A small and funny conflict FCCLA ran into while preparing the food was how it could get a little (more like a lot) messy. “A big problem we ran into at FMSC was I kept dropping the rice and soy ingredients, at one point I had so much soy dust on my sisters letterman’s jacket,” Sophia recalled on the issue of the messiness. After making the food, the group also helped clean up the mess and watch a video about the positive contributions they made.

Although the staff running it that day did not know exactly where the food was going too, all that matters is that people somewhere in the world is getting fed. Overall the group made 67 meals for a family in need while having a fun bonding experience, and making a positive difference in the world.