Co-Head Wrestling Coach: Chad Olson


Coach Olson at practice

Andrea Candelario, Staff Writer

Farmington’s Wrestling Team(s) has an amazing coaching staff with excellent skill and a tough, hard working mindset. Co-Head Coach for the Farmington High School Wrestling Team is none other than Chad Olson. You may of heard of him if you went to Dodge Middle School and had him as your P.E. teacher or played football here at FHS. I got to have a little chat with him during our practice to get his viewpoints on our boys, information about himself and more.

Coach Olson has been wrestling since he was just three years old. Olson had many amazing moments and also downfalls during his high school career just like most of us do. During his senior year at FHS, one memorable moment for him was placing in the State Tournament. Olson was part of the graduating class of 1995. Right after, he attended Augsburg University and joined the wrestling team. In 1997 he was part of the All-American Wrestling Team. Olson has been involved for a total of 38 years! After college, Olson has been part of many coaching staffs throughout Minnesota from places like Edina to Farmington.

He has been coaching for the Farmington team for quite some time now for almost 10 years. Working with his boys he’s either known since they were just little kids or ‘til their high school years, has been a wild blast that he enjoys very much. Although every single one of these boys are a pain in back as Olson would call them stupid every day, he also has a strong love for them as well. What he enjoys about coaching these boys is that he loves watching them get better and better and also building relationships with him. I asked coach how does he feel inside when the boys win their matches on the mat and he said, “I feel very happy for them”. Wrestling takes very hard work and dedication. Olson states, “I would like to take more time to meet with each individually and get to know each of them better”  when asked “If you could change something about how you coach these boys, what would you change and why?”.

Coach Olson loves each of these boys and building connections with them to get them to grow better as an athlete and we hope he will continue on coaching for Farmington.