Trimester One Coming to an End

Emily Nack, Senior Editor

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As many of you may know Farmington High School is coming to the end of the first Tri of 2018. Many of the students may be rushing and trying to get everything in on time. But wait because you still have time!! The students of FHS have a long Thanksgiving break to relax and catch up on all their work before finals! Thanksgiving break is from November 21 (Wednesday), till November 25 (Sunday). Finals will be on November 29th and November 30th. Teachers are still here trying to help everyone finish strong. If you’re struggling then go get some extra help, it doesn’t hurt to do good in school. If you do end up going to get help, you only have 22 more Academic Support periods left. We all know we can finish strong, so let’s do it. For many of you new students, this may be a bit scary. But it will all be just fine. Remember to talk to your teachers if you need extra help getting caught up, or understanding something or even just to prepare for the final. All teachers want you to succeed and will give you the tools to prepare yourself for the final day, you can always go see your teachers or counselors for extra support. In case some of you didn’t know, November 29th of Finals day will be for hours 1,3,4 and November 30th of Finals day will be for hours 0,2,4. Let’s finish this trimester strong!!

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