Girls Soccer Gives Back


Kaitlin Winston, Staff Author

Last Friday, Oct 5, the girls soccer team went to visit North Trail Elementary School to talk to them about how mistakes can turn into something better. I sat down with senior Kenzie Oehlerking about the experience. My first question to her was what they did, she responded “Well we started off by introducing ourselves what grade we are in and where we went to elementary school. Then we talked about what we have had to work hard in high school to better ourselves then the kids did the same thing.” She then goes to state that, “ We showed them an audio book called Beautiful Oops then we talked to them about what the video meant which was that you can make mistakes but it can turn into something better then after the video we split into 4 groups and made a poster. We started off by scribbling all over the poster which was the oops from the video, then the kids made pictures out of the scribbles which turned into the beautiful.” After that, I asked Kenzie what she thought the main purpose of going to North Trail and talking with the kids was and she responded, “To me I thought the reason we went to talk to them was to explain to them the no matter the mistake, big or small that it is okay and that you can only learn from your mistakes and turn it into something better.” Lastly, I asked her if she had the opportunity to go again would she and why, “I would go again if I had the opportunity to go again because I felt like I made a difference in their lives and that when we left they really understood that mistakes are okay and I really like that feeling.” Overall girls soccer isn’t just about the game they are about making a difference in young kids lives and are a great squad of girls to look up to.