FHS Marching Band Attending 14th Annual Youth in Music Band Championships

Pachee Xiong, Author

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The Farmington Marching Band is preparing for a big event coming up on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 at the US Bank Stadium. They’ll be attending the 14th Annual Youth in Music Band Championships!

Youth in Music’s mission states, “Youth In Music provides opportunities for students to perform and engage in experiences that will enrich their lives through artistic expression.  We believe that arts education is a critical part of a complete education and that communities thrive when supporters, volunteers, families and friends collaborate with students as our number one priority.”

Grace Brunstad, senior trumpet section leader, is excited to be performing at the US Bank stadium, “We’ve been participating every year since I’ve been part of marching band. The community within the bands is awesome! At competitions, we are all excited for each other. It’s not really about the competition but about the performance all of us give.”

As a section leader, Brunstad has responsibilities in helping the underlings in her area of expertise, “I feel that my section is ready to perform. There will always be room for improvement but overall, my section had made huge strides in our abilities!”

Vee Walsh, junior, has been attending the Youth in Music Band Championships for three years,

“It’s just so surreal to be out on that field that you see on TV. Something that I picked up along the way is that a lot of the teams use similar drum patterns to march the bands off the field. It’s quite cool! Tip for future marching band people with long hair, bring monster and bobby pins!”

The Farmington Marching Band will be performing at 12:15 PM.  The award ceremony will be held for class A and AA at 1:30 PM. Come and support your high school marching band!


For ticketing and more information, visit the website!



Visit the FHS Band website for information on the band!

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