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Spring Break Excitement

Lauryn Olson, Staff Writer

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After winter break comes to a close many students find themselves with the mid-winter blues. The one thing that keeps many students hopes up is the anticipation for spring break. Some students just wish for the days free from the stress of school whereas others look forward to their traveling experiences. Courtnie Turner, a junior at Farmington High School informed me off her Spring break plans. She said “I just plan to stay home and hangout with my friends. I’m excited to just have some time to relax.” Many students have similar plans such as Julie Lorenzana who said, “I’m just staying home and watching my boyfriend’s dog.” Jarred Vanhorn told me about his plans for spring break as well, “Soren and I are planning to visit the University of Michigan campus. It has a great engineering school which is why we are both planning on applying next year.” Many other students are planning on squeezing in some college tours in their free time. Jordan Pearson told me he plans to, “visit some colleges and relax in his free time.”

There are many other students who are participating in the school sanctioned spring break trips. Farmington is offering spring break trips to places such as China, Belize, Italy, and Switzerland. I had the opportunity to ask Natalka Mak about her upcoming spring break trip to Switzerland and Italy. When asked what she was most excited for Natalka told me, “I’m most excited to have the opportunity to be immersed into the different cultures and to try the new food.” Adam Jorgenson is also attending the Switzerland and Italy trip and is looking forward to it. He told me about what he is most excited for, “I’m really looking forward to visiting the city on water, Venice and I also can’t wait to climb Pompeii.” Other students go on trips of their own, I caught up with Paulina Montbriand who is visiting California with her family. “I’m looking forward to getting into some warmer weather. My family enjoys traveling and my sister and I haven’t been to California before so it should be very fun.” With so many options of warmer climates, different culture, college visits, and relaxing at home, spring break can be exciting for everyone.


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Lauryn Olson, Staff writter

My name is Lauryn Olson and I am a junior at Farmington High School. I play soccer for the high school and for REV soccer club. I am a student teacher...

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Spring Break Excitement