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Winter Running Club

Courtnie Turner, Writer

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If you’re looking for a way to stay involved during the winter, join winter running club. This club consists mostly of cross country runners and some of our track teams distance runners. They meet every day throughout the week, except weekends. After school this club partakes outside, running 5-6 miles on trails around FHS, so these athletes have to try to keep their muscles warm in this cold Minnesota winter weather. I got the opportunity to talk to Jarred Vanhorn, an athlete, and ask him a few questions. When I asked him what a normal day of winter running club consists of, he said, “A normal day really includes of getting dressed with skin tight shirts and pants, then putting on running pants with a sweatshirt. After that we stretch for a few minutes then start our run. A lot of us run at different paces and distances, so some people go in groups or others go by themselves.” Another member of winter running club is Zeb Zimmer, he is a cross country athlete. I asked him why he thought other student athletes should join, and he said, “Other people should join because it’s a great way to stay in shape and we have a lot of fun.” This is also an opportunity to meet new people and stay in shape for your summer, spring, and fall sports. When I asked Jarred the same question, he said, “People should join because it will help you for your other sports.” Lastly, if you’re interested in staying involved during your off season and meeting new people then these two members highly recommend you joining.

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Courtnie Turner, Staff Writer


My name is Courtnie Turner, I`m a senior at Farmington high school. I have been in yearbook for three years and I first joined because my older...

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