Calling all royalty!


Aimee Jimenez, Staff Writer

Looking to be royalty? The Farmington Ambassador Program is looking for candidates to participate in the 2018 Farmington pageant. To learn more about it, former 2016-2017 Junior Miss Farmington Ambassador Anna Singewald tells about different places the Ambassadors travel to. “During our reign, we traveled to many different communities from as far as Cokato to Anoka and Cambridge to celebrate their town’s events similar to the Farmington Dew Days Festival. With coronations, luaus, parades, dinners and dances, there are many different themes and cultures Ambassadors get to participate in.” During their reign, Ambassadors have the privilege of exploring different cultures and experiences they might not be used to.

This exciting program also helps teach young women lifelong skills they will forever cherish. Cami Schachtele, former 2014-2015 Junior Miss Farmington, shares what the program has taught her. “Joining the program helped me in an unexplainable amount of ways. I have a brand new set of social skills that help me give speeches, keep eye contact when someone is talking, and to step out of my comfort zone.” Schachtele continues to explain that she has tremendously improved in carrying conversations with strangers, thanks to the Farmington Ambassador Program.

Why should young women sign up to be in the Farmington Ambassador Program? Singewald explains that it is very rewarding. “Young women should sign up and participate in the Farmington Ambassador Program because they’d get something out of it whether selected or not. During candidacy, the girls will go through interview preparation that can benefit in future jobs and careers, learn how to empower each other as women and to show confidence, grace, and kindness to anyone and everyone they meet.” She furthermore says that if selected, their reign will include experiences that have an impact on their lives forever.

To apply for candidacy, you can go to If applying, applications are due by April 2nd, 2018. Good luck to all the candidates!