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Cocoa and Cram

C'zong Xiong, Writer

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Stressing out about finals? Wanting additional help?  Come on down to Farmington High School to Coco and Cram on November 28 from 3PM to 5PM in the commons. Event is opened to all FHS students, hosted by Link Crew. Tutors be available if you want extra help on studies.  If you’re feeling hungry don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! There will be cookies and hot chocolate. Hurry over now! Stuff yourself up with some delicious warm cookies and hot chocolate just in time for the winter season. Hope to see all of you there. I interviewed one of the many link crew leaders in the school, Pachee Xiong. I asked her what her thoughts were about this event and why students should attend. She said; “This event is a great for people who want to do last minute studying! Because there are cookies and hot chocolate. Most importantly, you can get help from peers and if you want extra help, there will be teacher to help. If it’s your first time taking finals you can ask others who has taken it about the flow of the testing and how it was for them. Personally, my coco and cram experience was overall awesome! As a student, I think this is a great studying opportunity. Especially because, finals week is approaching. It’s coming faster than we all know it and some student may be unprepared. Many students like myself procrastinate until the very last minute to get things done and it’s a struggle to focus if you do. Being in a nice studying environment produces a better work ethic. Get your things done so, you’re not stressing out on finals.” Take advantage of this studying event for finals. Don’t wait until the very last minute to study. It’s never a bad idea to study early and spend more time preparing. Remember to get a good night rest and eat breakfast! Testing will take place on Wednesday, November 29 and Thursday, November 30 (early release). Don’t forget that there will be no school the following day on Friday. Enjoy your long three day weekend! Check out the testing day schedule below:

Wednesday, November 29

No Zero Hr Classes

1st Hr                          8:20-9:50

Academic Support      10:00-10:35 (required)

3rd Hr                          10:35-12:40 (includes lunches)

Academic Support      12:50-1:25

5th Hr                          1:35-3:05 


Thursday, November 30

Zero Hr                        7:05-8:15

Academic Support      8:20-8:50

2nd Hr                         8:55-10:25

Academic Support      10:30-11:00

4th Hr                          11:05-12:35

Lunch                          12:35-1:00   Buses Depart – 1:00

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C'zong Xiong, Writer

Hello! I’m C’zong Xiong, a junior at Farmington High School. I joined yearbook once again because I’ve had a fun and wonderful experience last year...

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Cocoa and Cram