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Julia Hill, writer

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Do you want to be a hero but don’t know how? By donating one pint of blood, you can save up to three lives. The blood drive on Wednesday, October 11th, in the FHS recital hall can be your chance to donate. The age requirements for the drive are 16 with parental consent or 17 and older without parental consent. This blood drive is not just open to students, but in fact open to all of the staff, parents and community members in the area. Everyone is urged to give their time and blood to the Red Cross to save the lives of people in need. The need for blood donations is a never ending demand, according to the Red Cross, “every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.” This statistic further proves that people are in need of help and that anyone able to donate blood can aid in the cause. There are a few select requirements for donating blood such as certain height and weight requirements which is shown in the table above. If you are someone that fits the requirements for donation and wants to save lives, there are only a few more things to check off before you are on your way to donation. You will need a photo ID that has your birthday and picture on it, another thing you will need is your signed consent form if you are of age to need one. Other ID and preparation information can be found through the link to the Red Cross website below. An estimated 38 percent of the United States are eligible to donate blood at any time but less than 10 percent of them end up donating (Red Cross), join the 6.8 million U.S. donors at your next blood drive. The whole entire donation process is four steps; registration, health history and mini physical, the donation, and refreshments. Don’t worry if you are not eligible for this upcoming blood drive, the National Honors Society hosts another one in May at the school and there are also other outside of school opportunities to donate. A great way to aid a cause, make a difference, save lives and get free refreshments, donate at your next blood drive!

Link to Red Cross donation information page:

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Julia Hill, Writer

I'm a senior this year and have a pretty busy schedule between extra curricular activities, work and school. My favorite extra curricular that I participate...

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