Tiger News: A Long Standing Tradition

Julia Werner, Writer and Editor

   Tiger News is a show produced for the student by the student during Video Production Two class and have a live show every Friday during the period of Ramp up to Readiness or Ramp which is a college prep class every student takes.

    Tiger News has been in production since 2009 in the building now known as Robert Boeckman Middle School but I kept up production when Farmington High School moved into its current building at 20655 Flagstaff Ave, Farmington, MN 55024. But it was happening even before the move when it was called Farmington In Effect which was a similar style live show run by students but apart of the class of Video Production Two overseen by their teachers Mark Toutge and Randy Matthes. 

     This year marks 10 years of show and it is being carried out by the class and this trimester it features anchors Julia Barton and Katie Baum, alongside sports and weather anchors Julia Werner and Ethan Lundy. This year has the most female anchors on a cast in the past ten years and one of the first casts made up of all seniors. 

     Being on live is a big task to take on and someone has to take it on every week but who will take on the big task, Farmington High School Senior and Tiger News lead anchor Baum said “It’s very stressful buts it’s also a lot of fun and every week I find a story and I rewrite it and then I load it into the script and present it in our run troughs and live shows.”

     Being on air talent is not the only job however there are many different jobs to be had such as director, producer, technical director, camera operators and sound engineers. Farmington High School Video Production Teacher Toutge said “They can be fully technical people, they are running camera or running sound or being our director, calling all the shots, which cameras to take, being our technical director which is punching all the button and bringing up the graphics or being our Avid, a video editing software, person and playing back segments for the show, and those are just some of the most important jobs on Tiger News.” 

     Tiger News is a stressful job and who have an audience to impress every week as they go live in front of 2,000 students each week.  The students also have personal projects called a Personal News Feature or a PNF, which are stories that students produce and conduct interviews about people and issues within the school. Or they create segments that are question based on like would you rather, random questions, spitfire, and who is in the elevator. 

     The students are always having fun and create more things like class T-shirts, social media and holiday themed shows, and the students also have just started a brand new social media account with a handle of @FHS_TigerNews. The students can always rely on the four Anchors for their weekly dose of news and knowledge.