Fields of Faith has Come and Gone


Grace Warner, Writer

A night filled with faith, perseverance, and love to come out on a cold October night to listen to live music lead by a student church band, guest speaker Pastor Jordan and student speakers Halley Weinberger, Julia Barton, Spencer Mayleben, and Mina Freeburg to speak/preach about persevering throughout the hardest in their lives. Starting with the courageous student speakers, that had the courage to come in front of a crowd and share their tough time or times between themselves, the world, and their faith. By this they shared the time or times they felt how they felt their faith was failing them and how they persevered through this hard time in their life. Also how persevering through this and not giving up helped change their life for the better, even against what they thought was right. In addition to the student speakers, guest speakers and live music was performed. Pastor Jordan preached about how he even as an adult has to persevere through the tough times within his personal life, work, and even at Lifetime Fitness. Within his sermon Pastor Jordan giving the aducience a way to relate to the his speech, and that everyone has a struggle and that God’s has a plan for all of us even if we don’t agree with it. Ending the night with live music, a prayer, and everyone freezing, it was a truly uplifting night.