Farmington’s Twist to Parking


Emily Nack, Author

As many of you may have heard, there is a little twist this year for parking at Farmington High School. The new parking lot plan at Farmington High School has been the talk this semester. The first change was that the East Parking Lot is now a first come, first serve basis. Instead of selling a certain number of East Parking Lot passes, now everyone gets one and Juniors and Seniors share the lot. If you are late to school and there isn’t any spots you have to park in the West Lot for overflow. As Pickens put out “ NEW THIS YEAR we are issuing EAST lot permits to all juniors and seniors who pay to park on campus regardless of when they pay for their parking permit.” For sophomores it is still the same, sophomores have to park in the West Lot and cannot park in the East Lot. The next big change with parking is the new exit plan. From October 1-5, the high school directed students and parents on a new one-way entrance and exit. The North entrance becomes a two lane, one way entrance to the campus. As the South exit becomes a two lane, one way exit out of the campus onto Flagstaff. During the trial week the North side was the only entrance and the South side was the only exit. Originally the plan was to have the plan go between the hours of 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. But in a new video Pickens explained that it changed to an all-day plan. In the video Pickens had said, “If this thing goes the way that it should … it’s going to save us five, six, seven, eight minutes getting out of there and a lot of frustration”. Pickens had noted that the first day had gone really well, and they plan on making it a permanent thing. As the campus parking has changed, many students have enjoyed and agreed that it made exiting a whole lot easier. Many people have expressed the feeling towards this process that you have to be patient for it to be able to work. The “zipper” needs to go smoothly as well as kids letting other people merge into their lane. If you would like more information on the new parking exit plan you can email Mr.Pickens at [email protected]