The Years After

Anna Voegel, author

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Mr.Anderson a health teacher here at Farmington High School has plans to retire after this year. Mr.Anderson has been a teacher for thirty-three years, he has spent all of his years teaching in the district of Farmington. During his first five years of teaching he was a Physical Education teacher, but then for the rest of his years of teaching he switched over to teaching about health. Mr. Anderson not only teaches here at Farmington High School, but he also is a coach for the girls golf team. The thing he said he’s gonna miss most is all the kids he has met over the years.  I got the chance to interview him about his plans after the school year is over and during my interview I asked him what made him decide to retire after this year, he said one of the reasons he decided to retire after this year was just cause he felt the timing was right. During the interview he also stated another major reason for his retirement after this year was just cause you can, cause where hes at in life he can retire. I also asked him what some of his plans were after retiring, he said that he has nothing major planned, so hes just going to spend time with his wife, spend some time at the golf course, go fishing, and to go hunting.

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