Student Spotlight: Samantha Saffle


Grace Warner, Writer

I got to speak with Student Council member Samantha Saffle. I first wanted to know why she joined Student Council to begin with. “ I joined because i was very interested in Student Council and I also enjoyed to see what they did for the school as well.” I also wanted to know when she started and how she got to this point now. “I began in 7th grade and throughout 8th grade as well. Then got the opportunity to join freshman year and rejoin sophomore and junior year.”

Of course we know that every activity has it’s up and down. I especially wanted to know what was Samantha’s favorite part about of student council. “My favorite part of student council is doing things for the school, being able to run the dances, etc.” Along with all the responsibility Student Council brings I wanted to know how Samantha feels that this prepares her for a future college and career. “It prepares me for being able to learn how to communicate with other people along with helping other people as well.”  Finally I wanted to know what is the most stressful part about being in Student Council. “The most stressful part is that we don’t always know exactly what is going on. But eventually we figure it out together as a group.”


Along with Student Council Samantha also participates in a lot of dance programs. Such as a National Honors Society for Dance Association, also apart of a leadership program related to dance