flexible learning day

bonyta kong, story author

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Farmington High School Flexible Learning Day. In Farmington all student has ipad to use for studying in school, and also outside of school. On the flexible day refers to a school day when instead of coming to a school building teachers and students communicate online using schoology, Teachers share assignments and hold virtual office hours while students are complete assignments and receive help from teachers.  Flexible learning days also may be planned in advance or held in the event of unplanned school closures due to situations such as weather in the winter season or a power outage. In the winter season there’re many days that school might give students a flexible learning. Instead of closing the school, we still have assignments to do by using our ipad. Many students including myself like flexible learning day, because i can work on the assignments, and also catching up with my missing works or studying for the tests or retake in the next day.

How planned of flexible learning days work is that assignments will be posted in advance of flex day, no later than the evening before the scheduled day. Teachers will hold office hours from the morning district wide on the flexible learning day. The due dates for flexible learning day assignments will also be flexible to accommodate varying schedules. Parents also can contact teachers if they have specific questions about due dates. For the emergency flexible learning days, parents/ guardians will receive an automated phone call via the school-connects service and announcements will be made on radio, and the school district web page. Students also will receive the news on schoology from our principal and teachers. Teachers will post work by 10 am for students they would have seen that day. Teachers will be online during the school day to answer questions and provide guidance. The due dates for flexible learning day assignments will also be flexible.

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