Let’s Cook!


Kaitlyn Wall, Author

Many of you know of the cooking classes that are offered here at FHS, but do you know exactly what happens in theses classes? Let’s dive a bit more into cooking and learning about the Food Let’s Cook and Food Let’s Eat classes here at Farmington High. I was able to talk with Mr. Kohlbeck, the cooking expert in the building, and ask him a few questions about his past experience and the classes he teaches. Over the past 20 years, he has taught hundreds of classes. He’s taught Foods Let’s Cook, Foods Lets Eat, and Diet and Lifestyle. “Learning how to cook is such a basic life skill and I enjoy watching the students as they start to realize how they can cook as well”. Mr. Kohlbeck describes the high school atmosphere and the students has having lots of character and personality. He says, “they keep me on my toes, keep me young”. Mr. Kohlbeck teaches multiple cooking and food courses throughout the school year that students enjoy again and again. They love cooking and learning that they can cook up wonderful plates. You can take any of these amazing courses, any four years of your high school career! Mr. Kohlbeck loves the kitchen, but he also enjoys being outside in the community. He coaches Boys Soccer, Girls Hockey, and Baseball. Other than sports, he is the Adjunct Officer in the Farmington American Legion and he is also the 1st Vice with the Sons of the American Legion. He loves volunteering with various veterans groups. Mr. Kohlbeck believes that giving back to the community is a very important part to a happy lifestyle and he enjoys helping our seniors her in Farmington. He says the high school experience is also very important at this point in the students lives. One thing he wish he would’ve known when he was in high school was to “Develop good habits but don’t take high school life so serious. They are important yet bigger and better things are coming!” Mr. Kohlbeck can not wait to meet new students in the new trimester coming up and to see all of you in the next Foods Let’s Eat and Food Let’s Cook classes!