Cocoa and Cram 2018-2019

Pachee Xiong, Author

The first trimester of the 2018-2019 school year is quickly coming to an end. That means final exams will take place soon! What are you going to do to prepare for finals?

Farmington Link Crew will be hosting an event called Cocoa and Cram on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018, from 3:00-5:00PM in the Tiger Commons. During cocoa and cram, you’ll be able to collaborate with your classmates, student tutors and teachers to study to your brain’s max capacity! Not only will you be able to study with your classmates, there will also be hot cocoa and cookies provided to all students who decide to stay after school and study, free of charge!

“Students should go to cocoa and cram because there’s so many resources provided to help them succeed in a certain subject that they may be struggling with. This is a good chance for those who have questions last minute before taking finals!” says senior Link Leader Trinity Butruff.

“It gives students the opportunity to study for finals and friends and to enjoy a cookie too!” says senior Link Leader Maria Smits.

Attend Cocoa and Cram this Wednesday, November 28th, from 3:00-5:00PM in the Tiger Commons to cram in some studying! Finals will be taking place Thursday, November 29th, and Friday, November 30th. Happy Finals Week!


Finals Days Schedule

Thursday (Day 1)

No Zero Hour

1st Hour      8:20-9:50

Passing Time    9:50-10:00 (Tone at 9:58, music plays last minute)


Academic Support    10:00-10:35

Passing Time    10:35-10:45 (Tone at 10:43, music plays last minute)


3rd Hour    10:35-12:40

A Lunch 10:35-11:00  Class 11:05-12:40

Class 10:45-11:10       B Lunch 11:10-11:35      Class 11:40-12:40

Class 10:45-11:45       C Lunch 11:45-12:10     Class 12:15-12:40

Class 10:45-12:15       D Lunch 12:15-12:40

Passing Time    12:40-12:50 (Tone at 12:48, music plays last minute)


Academic Support      12:50-1:25

Passing Time     1:25-1:35. (Tone at 1:33,music plays last minute)


5th Hour     1:35-3:05


Friday (Day 2)

Zero Hour   7:05-8:15

Passing Time 8:15-8:20 (Tone at 8:18, music plays last minute)


Academic Support   8:20-8:50

Passing Time 8:50-8:55 (Tone at 8:53, music plays last minute)


2nd Hour    8:55-10:25

Passing Time 10:25-10:30 (Tone at 10:28, music plays last minute)


Academic Support 10:30-11:00

Passing Time 11:00-11:05 (Tone at 11:03, music plays last minute)


4th Hour    11:05-12:35


Lunch        12:35-1:00

Buses Depart  1:00