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Homecoming week came fast this year for everyone at FHS. Monday, September 17, 2018  was the beginning of every ones most favorite week. Students and staff dressed in USA apparel. That night the amazing race took place at the high school and there were 22 teams of 6. The team with the most canned goods, was given a two minute heads start. There were 14 teachers scattered in random places throughout the building, and each of them had a different challenge to accomplish. A group of boys from the cross country team won. Next up, the theme was tourist Tuesday. That night, we had the color run and taco Tuesday. Students and families from the community came to participate in the eventful evening. Wednesday’s theme was Disney and that night the parade was planned to happen but was unfortunately cancelled because of the weather. Coronation was still on and FHS students and families packed the recital hall to witness the reveal of the homecoming King and Queen. Hunter Conrad and Megan Bernu were this year’s 2018 homecoming King and Queen. Thursday’s theme was battle of the grades. Freshmen wore purple, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore pink, and seniors wore white. The bonfire was scheduled but was again unfortunately cancelled due to more bad weather. Then Friday finally arrived and everyone was dressed in all their tiger spirit! The big homecoming football game was against the Rosemount Irish. The stands were packed to cheer on our team. Tigers lost but played a good game. Saturday was the homecoming dance, and students danced the night away.