Farmington to play at Vikings training facility

Aimee Jimenez, Staff Writer

Farmington High School Football has been given an amazing opportunity to play at the Viking’s training facility in Eagan on Friday, September 28th. Eagan was selected to play at the TCO stadium, and then one of the Vikings executives from Farmington wanted to give our football team this amazing opportunity! When asked what the reaction of the team was when they found out they were going to play at the TCO stadium, Coach Adam Fischer said, “I think we were pretty excited, we found out in July and so we were able to take the captains up there to surprise them with the opportunity.” The Tigers hope they can get their season going from the upcoming game. Fischer also added, “I think, big picture too, we’re going to have a lot of Little Tigers up there too, future football players, and they’re going to hopefully see it and be excited about that opportunity and want to do that for themselves one day.” Additionally, Fischer explained their goal as a football team, “That’s our hope, is that little kids are excited, we use this as momentum to get our season really rolling, and go from there.” Football player Jack Baumbach expresses his gratitude towards the student section, “I think especially since we’re going 0-4, that’s not where we want to start, but our fans are always showing up, so we do it for them too.”  Fischer and Baumbach are confident that the game will go great! To conclude, Baumbach again talked about our student section, “The student section is always supporting us so we never feel like we’re alone. We have the whole city behind us, so that’s a great feeling.” The Tigers will be playing Eagan at the TCO stadium on September 28th, kick off is at 7:30. Gates will open at 5:00, and the theme is USA! Good luck Tigers!Kaitlyn Abraham