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Jordin Novak

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Mrs.Carlson has been working for the school for years “Ive been here a long time, and I love what I do, i enjoy seeing att the students.” Shes a huge part in the daily highschool routine. She works in the second floor office and handles attendance and helps with senior graduation. With attendance, Janice anwsers emails and calls for juniors and senior that need to be called out. Then she write the pass for the student and changes campus portal. Monday may 14 was a busy day for her, with seniors being called out for senior skip day. She also helps out with senior graduation. Janice helps with kids who have fines that need to be paid so they are able to walk at graduation. On May 16 and 18 Janice helped with giving seniors their cap and gowns. She sat a table and informed the senior if they still had a fine to pay. She is a huge help to the school, having to go throught ton of email, calls, and voicemails and write passes for students




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