Are you Minnesota nice?


Meredith Ostbloom, Writer

So apparently people from minnesota are supposed to be the nicest people, in the US. My question is how true is this stereotype. First of all the definition is People from Minnesota are courteous, reserved, very family-focused, and mild-mannered. Well personally I don’t fit the stereotype, but i wanted to compare to my classmates. I questioned 50 people in our school and 55% of them said they believed they had minnesota nice, but when i asked them if they thought they fit the definition only 27% said they did. So a lot of people believe they are overly nice but don’t classify as “Minnesota” nice. “I am nice towards strangers but, around my friends, no way.” So I believe that minnesotans are not overly nice to people in general, but strangers were nicer to than for say new yorkers. Thats where I think this stereotype came from. People believing that were overly nice, but that’s because you don’t know us that well. Or when people travel to our state the majority of people they meet are people that work in the hospitality industry, they are nicer because it’s there job. So if the few people they meet are nice people are going to generalize and say that all people in that group is nice. Despite their are always bad and good people in a given area. Therefore, stereotyping is wrong to do, your overgeneralizing people based on maybe your one experience. Furthermore, over generalizing a group of people is wrong and perpetuating stereotypes is not something to be proud of, and lastly Minnesota nice doesn’t exist.