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Therapy Dog Teams at FHS

Aimee Jimenez, Staff Writer

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Mrs. Pierce is bringing in therapy dog teams on Wednesday November 29, and Thursday, November 30 to help students relieve stress of finals. These teams will be in the lecture hall during academic support periods.The exact times have been posted on Schoology and there are also flyers hung around the school for more information. Mrs. Pierce said she came up with the idea of bringing in therapy dog teams from seeing colleges and universities bring in a variety of therapy animals during their finals to help relieve stress. She also noticed how many students at FHS love having the dogs around the school because they are always asking for the dogs to be brought in more, and she wanted to bring those two ideas together. Mrs. Pierce believes this idea will help students relieve stress by being able to “get away” from their schoolwork. She says, “when you sit down and you start petting a dog, and just talking with a dog, or even just being silent and you’re petting, it just seems to be that all your worries go away because there’s that unconditional love that a dog gives you. They’re always there for you no matter what is going on in your life.” When asked if there is anything she wants her students to know, she said, “I just hope that the kids love it, and we hope that in the future we can bring more dogs back.” If you need to take your mind off of school and finals, stop by the lecture hall on the first floor during academic support periods and you can interact with multiple therapy dog teams. Make sure to get a pass from your academic support teacher, or you can stop by during passing time. To receive more information on the exact times you can visit these therapy dog teams, look at the FHS Student News & Announcements group on Schoology. Good luck on finals, and close out the first trimester strong!

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Therapy Dog Teams at FHS