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Isaiah Janz
My name is Isaiah Janz, I'm a 17 year old Junior at the Farmington High School. My favorite school subject is History, as a career after High School, I plan to possibly go into either the History field, or the geography/satellite imagery field of careers. My current hobbies include playing PC strategy games like Civilization, or fun city-building games such as Sim city. I also like to take my dog for walks in the summertime and watching new episodes of MLP when they come out on the weekends. In the summertime I also enjoy driving myself down to my grandparents house and staying there for several weeks at a time helping them with things around the house and yard. I also like to grow a garden in the warmer months, growing things like Tomatoes, Peppers, and Mint in pots on my deck, I have been gardening since the year 2012.

Isaiah Janz, Writter

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Isaiah Janz