Girls Golf


Emily Nack, Writer

The Girls Golf season has been kicked off with all the players excited for the season. Even though it had a rough start, and they couldn’t get out and practice, the players think this season will be one for the books. I sat down with one of the players, Mackenzie Oehlerking, and asked her how she thinks this season will be different from the rest. Mackenzie stated that, She believes they will do better this year because they have been working on their form, swing, and focus. Mackenzie believes this year the girls golf team has definitely stepped up their game. The girls golf team finally had a space and time to get a practice in so far this season. The girls traveled up to Hastings, MN to practice last week, since there was snow all over the ground. As many other teams are getting anxious to get out and start playing, the Girls Golf team isn’t letting the snow get in the way of them practicing their skills. The Girls Golf Varsity Invitational, is the first game of the season this year, which is scheduled to be April 11, at 1:00 p.m. at the Crystal Lake Golf Course. Then, of course, the Girls Golf JV Invitational is scheduled to be on April 12, at 1:00 p.m. at the Heritage Links Golf Course. Now, as most of us are excited for the sports to start this spring, we will have to wait if the snow continues to keep coming. The Girls Golf team last year finished in 10th at sections, which is up three spots from the year before place at 13th, this year the girls hope to move up their place again this year at sections. Way to go girls, we’re all rooting for you!