Girls Lacrosse 2019


The Team

Mary Skochko, Staff Writer

This week I got the chance to interview the head coach of the girls lacrosse team and learn about its new season. Coach Steph LaVictorie has been a lacrosse coach since 2011. She had played lacrosse in high school as well as in college at Mankato. I asked the coach what lead her into coaching and she said, “The youth program. I was watching my sister play and I gave her a few tips. The director of the youth program saw and heard that and invited me to coach. Here I am, 8 years later.”  The coach loves to play lacrosse, but most importantly she likes to work with high school girls and accomplishing goals with them. The most difficult thing about lacrosse is that the rules are always changing. It’s a growing sport and U.S Lacrosse changes the rules a little bit every year, so you have to keep up. Lacrosse is a very fast paced game, but you also need to be a quick thinker. I asked the coach how is the new season going and she said, “We have had stronger starts in previous season, we are learning and growing every day. We are very young, but very feisty so there is always a chance to do anything you put your mind to.”  I have attended several lacrosse games and personally know the captains and you can see that the team is very close with each other. They usually hang out after practice and spend a lot of their time together to build better connections. The team’s biggest competitor is The South Suburban Conference. It’s arguably the toughest conference in the states as well as Prior Lake. I asked the coach an advice for future athletes and she said, “ Hard work will take you very far. Don’t define yourself by a number of wins or losses, instead focus on what you learned and why you play.” I really hope the girls lacrosse team will end their season strong, and with great memories.