Boys LAX: Coach Dunnigan is Ready For The Season


Terriann Rice

Photo by Terriann Rice, Picture This Photography

Andrea Candelario, Staff Writer

First game of the season for our Boys Lacrosse Team starts April 12th vs Jefferson @ the Savage Sports Dome at 3pm! As our boys prep for the big game, I got the chance to interview the varsity coach, Coach Dunnigan, to talk about this seasons team and what’s to come.

If you’re not in Farmington’s Lacrosse Program as athlete or fan, then you may not know who Coach Dunnigan is. Coach Dunnigan has been in the program for four years now. Back in 2016, he served as an offensive coordinator and moved up to Head Coach for the Varsity Boys from 2017 to now.

Being a coach for a team with all boys must be the best thing ever right? I got to ask Coach, “What do you enjoy about our boys on the team?” he responded, “I like that we have a good mix of what I call “blue collar” and “white collar” players. Some players have grit and aren’t afraid of physical contact, where others play with more finesse,” he continues…  “I also really like the group we have this year because generally they’re all excited to be here each day. We don’t have any “energy vampires” out there.”

All sports bring out the passion, love, commitment, energy, and focus in our players. Lacrosse is something special as it brings out finesse, speed, skill, and teamwork. This season’s team consists of a big group of freshman. Coach Dunnigan is very excited to work with these freshman. “They have brought a new level of energy to the program this year.” said Coach. He’s also excited about our seniors because many of them has been in the program since eighth grade. “They have worked hard for this season.” said Coach Dunnigan. As this is their last high school season, all of them have goals to accomplish including the rest of the team. Goals are one of the main things in every sport that wants to be accomplished. For this team, they want to win possessions and possession time throughout the whole season. Progress and growth should be accomplished in every single practice or game. Coach Dunnigan states, “When it’s all said and done, the guys should be able to look back with no regrets.”

The Boys Lacrosse Team are definitely prepared to play hard and good for this spring season. Good luck and have fun Tigers!