Thank you Mac Kukowski!


Mac (left) vs his opponent from Shakopee

Andrea Candelario, Staff Writer

Meet MacAron Kukowski. He is currently a Junior in high school and his after school sport is Wrestling. I’m writing this article about Mac because he will sadly be leaving Farmington pretty soon and I thought what a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of Farmington’s best wrestlers.

Kukowski started wrestling in kindergarten but quit right afterwards… but later joined again in 5th grade which was the start of his wrestling career. He’s lived in Farmington his whole life. After he started, he wrestled for Farmington’s Junior Varsity Team both his 7th and 8th grade years then moved up to wrestling for the Varsity Team his freshman year till now. Throughout the years he’s gained a lot of knowledge, growth, and love with Farmington’s wrestling program.

We all have our favorite moments or memories with everything right? Well I asked Mac what was his favorite moment and he said, “My favorite experience from wrestling would probably be the first round of team sections this year. Great atmosphere with a huge crowd couldn’t have made that night any better. Good team win as well and just a high energy event for the team.” I could definitely agree to his statement about that night as I was there to experience it with them, it was definitely an amazing night for Farmington. My next question revolves around his favorite part about being in wrestling and said basically he just loves being on the team. He explains that they have amazing team bonding events that includes fun people that are on the team. MacAron also states, “also the coaches are great, they create strong social bonds with the athletes and teach us things we can apply later on in our lives.” Sounds to me it’s a great team to be apart of that’s benefiting everyone while still having fun!

While everything may seem good and fun, things has to come to an end. Especially when it revolves with moving away. As I mentioned before, Mac will be moving out of Farmington real soon. I got to ask him a few questions about that including if he’ll wrestle after high school and what will he miss about Farmington. Mac says that he plans to wrestle in college then afterwards still continuing to wrestling to having goals of attempting to make world or Olympic teams in the future! “I want to compete as long as my body allows it.” says Mac. He then wants to continue to coach right afterwards when he’s done. Finally I asked, “What will you miss about FHS wrestling?” and he replied, “I’m going to miss all of it. I love my team, coaches, and the city in general. We started getting crowds towards the end of the season and it made events way more fun.” He made a comment about Farmington wrestling saying that the program has a bright future ahead which he’s very upset that he won’t be able to be part of it anymore…

MacAron Kukowski has had an amazing experience wrestling for Farmington and we hope he makes big moves for his own future ahead. We will dearly miss him!