FHS New Girls Lacrosse Season

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FHS New Girls Lacrosse Season

Janine Nothnick, Writer

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A new lacrosse season for the FHS Girls Lacrosse Team has started.


I’ve talked to some of the players and also two of their coaches about how they feel and how the new season will go.

Most of the players are excited for the games and the opportunity to show their talent. Most of the Girls joined because some of their family members played lacrosse several years before or their parents just wanted them to tryout. Some of the players siblings or friends played lacrosse too. So they wanted to try something that their friends really liked.

For sure, everyone is happy that they made the team. Especially because a lot of the players were nervous about tryouts. They were not sure if they are good enough of a player to make the team.It is not only a fun sport for the Girls, they can also release some of their stress and be happy.

I also talked to head coach Steph and coach Becky about the upcoming season. Head coach Steph played lacrosse herself for 7 years and 4 of them on varsity. Coach Becky has been playing for 11 years and coached already 4 years of youth and 7 seasons of lacrosse. They have a lot of new high school students and also a lot of new JV players. Both of them feel very confident about this season and are happy to have that many new players and a lot of good opportunities to show what the Girls Lacrosse team can do. They just had 4 strong seniors graduating, but they know that there are a lot of other good players with the right potential to step up in their shoes.

Everyone can imagine how hard it must be to pick out a new team. The coaches are close to a lot of the girls and all of them are amazing Lacrosse players. They are happy with the decision they have made and feel strong about the team.


I wish everyone on the team good luck and a strong, new season.

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